Best Places Not To Be Missed During Your Travel to Orlando

Orlando is a highly urbanized city in the heart of the United States. But even though, modernization has been inevitable, it managed to preserve most of its natural scenic beauties. Orlando is just a good place to travel to and still it is one of the most visited cities in Florida. So, whenever you want to go down there and spend the rest of your vacation or holidays, here are the four places you may want to hang out with;


It is known to be the Home of the Florida Citrus Tower which is just a short drive west of Orlando. Modernization cannot be stopped, the natural citrus groves have been destroyed to give way to the business establishments. But, its proximity to Disney World gave a good start for progress and business which changed the place forever.

Lakeridge Winery & Vineyards

You must have been wondering where all the premium wines in Florida come from. Lakeridge Winery & Vineyards has all the authority to own the famous premium winemaker in Florida, in the U.S., and even export to other countries. It is conveniently set in Clermont which started to operate in 1989. A lot of people then objected and surprised having been able to see a vineyard in the heart of citrus groves; they said that this establishment will never last long. But they were proven wrong because the winery just became popular and most visited in Orlando.

Scott’s Corn Maze

In every fall season, each year, if you will take a little time traveling 30 miles northwest of Orlando. A corn maze may not be the first thing that you can think of whenever you are in Florida, however, the one which exists has become one of the most visited tourist destinations. They have the best Orlando Pest Control so you won’t be seeing any pests in the corn maze. Even though the old form of the art game, maze, have already or just almost been forgotten, Mount Dora has its way of reincarnating it so that travelers and tourists can enjoy it. It is just a 6.5-acre cornfield well-maintained and well-planned to provide a unique experience for tourists, travelers, and vacationers while they are at the peak of happy times.


If you haven’t heard it yet, Cassadaga is home to the spiritualists, healers, and psychics in the southeastern part of the United States. The people have their talent of healing the sickness in which medical science finds impossible to heal plus, they even claim that they can communicate with the dead. With their claims, they became so famous in the United States and a lot of tourists find time to experience the “unusual or unnatural”.” But there is nothing to be scared about although, the place is spooky and scary because these people know what you are up to in going to the place. Thus, if you are looking for a few extraordinary experiences just before you go home from your vacation, maybe Cassadaga can offer you the things you are looking for.

Five Uncommon Destinations In Orlando

Orlando is one of the places in Florida to offer world-class attractions and sceneries. But there are also places in which only a few people have explored because these places are not so popular, still, you have to expect that you surely would enjoy your stay. Here is a list of five unexplored places in Orlando, Florida;

Holy Land Experience

This place is not only for religious people but for everybody who wants to experience being in the Holy Land. There are lifelike reenactments of the important happenings in the bible. So, if you have so much to learn about the biblical past, this place can help you understand. It will bring you back to the time when Christians are persecuted and the times when religion does not exist.

The Gatorland

If you wanted to meet with really toothy creatures, then Gatorland would be a perfect spot for you. Here, you will be able to witness different species of crocodiles and alligators. There are educational shows every day as well as wrestling shows to see how these species fight. Above all, this place also serves as their breeding marsh.

Bok Tower Gardens

It is located near Lake Wales and is home to thousand of species of botanical plants. Bok tower garden is where people who are looking for a serene and clean place go. It could be a perfect getaway for families or even friends. Only a few take time to reminisce the legacy of Edward Bok, builder of the tower while having a quiet stay in the garden.

Medieval Times

The reenactment of medieval times is one of America’s traditions. Thus, a lot of travelers wanted to experience and witness how things happened in medieval times. Medieval Times, however, is not a popular tourist destination, it’s one of the Dinner Shows in the area that offers a unique experience when you eat.

SAK Comedy Lab

If you are one of the comedy fans who always look for a good laugh, SAK Comedy Lab is just a perfect place to stay. It is famed for its improvisational shows and comedies which will make you laugh your heart out. This has been one of the most popular comedy bars in central Orlando. Up until now, the place still offers improvisational shows, games shows, and Broadway comedies.

These places may not be the best in their category but sure enough, you will enjoy your stay. Being not so popular, they remain to be some of the places in Orlando that only a few have explored.

The Ten Thousand Islands

So you think you have arrived when you get to Captiva Island? Don’t be too sure. It is true that everything that you could possibly desire in a tropical island vacation can be found right on Captiva Island, Florida. There are some of the best and most luxurious hotel facilities in the world and restaurants that will make you forget all about any healthy eating plan that you were trying to follow before you arrived. There are white sandy beaches and all that fresh salt air and abundant sunshine that make a tropical island…well….a tropical island paradise.

Captiva Island simply overflows with opportunities to engage in all of the tropical island activities…fishing, swimming, boating, scuba diving, etc. There are so many wonderful and entertaining activities that one could see themselves simply living forever in this paradise but there is even more than meets the eye.

Just because you have arrived in what is apparently a tropical paradise doesn’t mean that there is not more of paradise to see. Think cruise!

There are many opportunities for cruises available on Captiva Island. One of the better known cruise lines is Captiva Cruises….that is the name of the company and a very fitting name it is. The line was founded in 1986 and is an excursion boat company. Cruises are available that last from only one hour up to half a day. Some of the most popular cruises that Captiva Cruises offer are:

The Dolphin Watch and Wildlife Cruise:

The Dolphin Watch and Wildlife Cruise last about an hour and a half. There are dolphins seen on about 95% of the cruises so the odds are very good that you will have to pleasure of seeing these magnificent creatures as you enjoy the sight from a comfortable and safe setting. There is narration provided on the Dolphin Watch and Wildlife Cruise by knowledgeable volunteers from the Sanibel and Captiva Conservation Foundation.

The Sunset Serenade Cruise:

This cruise features live music most often performed by Danny Morgan who is an island music legend. The Sunset Serenade Cruise lasts about one hour. There is always an open cash bar. Seeing the sun sink into the Gulf of Mexico while Island music is being played and a wonderful island drink is being enjoyed is a very romantic experience that won’t be soon forgotten.

The Coya Costa Beach and Shelling Cruise:

This cruise is scheduled to last about three hours. It takes you to Florida State Park beaches that are undeveloped and are accessible only by boat. You are allowed from two to four hours to explore these undeveloped beaches, swim, in the clear warm water, bird watch or look for shells.

The Cabbage Key Cruise:

This one might be the most fascinating of all. It lasts a full half-day and it will take you to the famous Cabbage Island…the place that inspired Jimmy Buffet to write “Hamburger in Paradise”. You will see a room in what is now the Inn that is papered in autographed dollar bills. The house that is now the Inn was built in 1938 by the famous novelist, Mary Roberts Rinehart.